New Plan

So its been I few months since I posting on my blog. I have been busy with work, babies, and just life! Baby is growing up so fast. He is actually crawling now and getting into everything! I can’t even believe it. Somewhere along the line I lost touch with my Blog. I going to strive to continue with it and share my plans, process, and pointers with my readers along with a few healthy recipes. I recently started working out again.

Me and my husband have a trip to Mexico planned in 7 weeks!! So far I have lost about 1.5 pounds since I started Β a new workout program on March 1st. I’m headed in the right direction but was hoping to see results faster. I am down 7 pounds from October so I am happy about that. I have lost most of the baby weight from the little one. I’m not looking to necessarily loss weight but I am wanting to slim down my legs/thighs/butt and tone up my legs. I want my bikini bottoms to fit again!! I have been doing some at home workouts to try and reach my goals. I am starting to get back into shape. The first few weeks were rough! It is getting much better now. I have a lot more energy to be able to finish my workout. I am not so winded either. I am seeing some progress. I am going to start setting some small to try to meet to keep myself on task to continue sticking with it. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. Right now its time to check baby’s diaper and put him down for nap time. Have a nice day! πŸ™‚


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