Prevention is often the best medicine! While working as a nurse I see the results first hand of multiple health problems. If you decide to be a smoker, likely you like be on a regime of inhalers and eventually need oxygen to support your breathing function. If you decide to eat unhealthy foods full of salt and saturated fats it’s likely that you like develop heart disease and be at a higher risk for stroke and heart attack. If you are overweight, inactive, and consume an excess of sweets, diabetes will find you.

Modern medicines are great but it’s best to try not to have to take them. I doctor I know states she wishes not to take any prescription medications. She takes a multivitamin and maybe an occasion “Tylenol for head cold”. One medication may cause side effects that may require yet another medication to fix. You really need to look at the pros and cons of any medication that you decide to take. In my line of work, I work mainly with the elderly population. I have seen people with a dozen prescription medications to treat and help manage long term diseases. They have pill counting as daily chore. Prevention is key. Lifestyle choices of being active and eating healthy foods should be an absolute priority in your life. Treats and sweets should be in moderation. If you smoke, please quit. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Stay active, eat healthy. Β Take steps to prevent health problems that will end you up in the hospital.

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